Earn up to $500 with the 90 Day Challenge!

How does it work? LurraLife will pay you to lose weight, that’s right, we will reward up to $500 depending on how much weight you lose in 90 days, plus we have prizes when you hit each milestone along the way!

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Started as a way to positively impact the health – and lives – of our Brand Partners we host a Get Paid to Lose Weight Program that anyone can enter and everyone can win. Participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose using our products – up to $10 per pound lost.

EARN $20 Product Credit
EARN $500


Start your journey anytime you choose. Each challenge will last 90 days and requires you to submit your progress in your Back Office to earn free milestones!

Click the link below to register in your Back Office.


We’ll send you a follow up email with more details about the challenge including:

Don’t forget to download the "Lurra Fit" app in the iOS and Android app store.


Shannon W. lost
41.8 lbs or 18.96kg

Dawn L. lost
34 lbs or 15.42kg

Donald M. lost
13.67 lbs or 6.2kg

Jozette B. lost
18.37 lbs or 8.33kg

Jerry M. lost
43 lbs or 19.5kg

Kelley H. lost
40 lbs or 18.14kg